Abroad everyone talks about Italy, but very rarely do the Italians themselves. At least until now. ITALIANA is the multi-platform international medium that Rai Com places at the service of Italian Excellence in order to tell the world about our businesses, our productions, and our local areas. For more information contact us at mail



ITALIANA is a TV programme dedicated to Italian Excellence that has been on air since May 2015 in the Emirates, the Middle East and North Africa and since October 2015 in China, Russia and Canada. The first series comprises 28 episodes in Italian, English and the languages of the countries it was broadcast (Arabic, Chinese and Russian). In 2016 the format was also broadcast in the United States, in South America and in the Pacific. The format is made up of short reviews dedicated to the various areas of Italian Excellence (fashion, design, culture, art, territory, food, etc.) in which ample space is given to Italian businesses, to their products and their history. For more information contact us at



Casa Italiana is the show case dedicated to the Italian Excellence arranged on occasion of important cultural and sports events worldwide. Casa Italiana was  first organised in Beijing, with the co-operation of the Federazione Italiana di Atletica Leggera (Italian Federation of Track and Field events) during the World Championships in August 2015. For 10 days Casa Italiana was an exclusive venue where people could "live Italy" in Beijing: it included workshops, business meetings between Italian and foreign companies, formal cocktails and cultural activities, shows, screen shows. For more information contact us at .